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Ayahay Craft Beers

Our line of specialty craft beers are carefully prepared with ingredients hailing locally and from all corners of the world. "Ayahay" means relaxed. Aptly so, Palaweño Brewery's signature beers set the cool pace in any occasion. Enjoy a bottle and relax... "Ayahay"!


The 1st Craft Beer Brewery in Palawan

From the homebrewer's kit, Palaweño Brewery was born. Todate, we brew all-grain and still keep things traditional by meticulously choosing each and every all-natural ingredients, making sure that each bottle is carefully brewed with love. Each style’s recipe is unique to Palaweño Brewery.

Opening Beer Bottle
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Latest News on Palaweñ0 Brewery

Palaweño Brewery has now relocated to a better, more spacious area! Come and enjoy our craft beers in our new, larger venue, designed for an enhanced and comfortable experience. We look forward to welcoming you and serving you the finest Palawan craft beers!

New Address:

40 Taft Street, Barangay Kalipay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

We present to you some of the international features and recognitions we have garnered over the years and we thank each and everyone of you who have become part and parcel of Palaweño Brewery’s success story.
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An Innovative Tour Concept and a collaboration of artisanal crafts and flavors

AAA (Ayahay Alcoholic Advocate) Mug Club is, simply, an extension of the Ayahay Family.



  • AAA Mug Club Membership Card

  • Palaweño Brewery Mug

  • Palaweño Brewery T-Shirt

  • AAA Mug Club Key Chain

  • AAA Mug Club Member Exclusive Coaster

  • First BEER on us!



Discounts and MORE discounts!​

  • P20 OFF on all beers, all year-round

  • 10% OFF on all Palaweño Brewery merchandise


Special Invites

  • Privileged access to special events, launchings, VIP Festival giveaways, and other festivals and/or events.

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